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OLD LIX-MOD!!!! *glomps*

Your mistress (nsfw open rp, please join)

  • <b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> <b></b> </b> *your oc was recently bought form a dealer and they sedated you for travel, when you wake up you find your hands above your head, the where shackled , you were alone and it was dark. you hear a door creak open and a figure was blocking out most of the light*<p><p><b>Cross:</b> hr groans. "Uggghhh...w-who's there?..."<p><b>Moon:</b> your mistress<p><p><b>Cross:</b> "O-oh...." He tests the restraints. "Damn...."<p><b>Moon:</b> Hehe good luck<p><p><b>Cross:</b> he sighs. "I need to feed..."<p><b>Moon:</b> *she smiled* what do you need to feed on?<p><p><b>Cross:</b> he shows you his fangs. "Blood..."<p><b>Moon:</b> *she put a blood packet in his mouth* drink<p><p><b>Cross:</b> he starts to suck on the packet, savoring every drop of blood from it.<p><b>Moon:</b> *She smiled*<p><p><b>Cross:</b> he fully drains the packet. "T-thank you...."<p><b>Moon:</b> You will address me as mistress<p><p><b>Cross:</b> "Oh...o-ok..."<p><b>Moon:</b> Good*she smiled*<p><p><b>Cross:</b> he adjusted in his binds.<p><b>Moon:</b> *she smiled* Now then, will you be a good boy?<p><p><b>Cross:</b> he nods. "Y-yes...mistress..."<p><b>Moon:</b> Good*She smiled*<p><p><b>Cross:</b> he smiles faintly.<p><b>Moon:</b> What?<p><p><b>Cross:</b> "n-nothing..."<p><b>Moon:</b> Okay<p><p><b>Cross:</b> he tests.the chains again.<p><b>Moon:</b> *they shock him*<p><p><b>Cross:</b> "OW!"<p><b>Moon:</b> Hehe<p>
  • Cross: he rolls his eyes.

An unexpected hobby. (Open rp)





Cross had invited your muse over to his house, but when you got there he was busy in his kitchen.

Twilight: Cross? -walks into the kitchen-

He was baking something, but he put them in the oven before you could see them. “Hey twily, what’s up?”

Twilight: Do you need any help?

"Actually, yes…" He hands you an icing covered spoon. "Taste this for me."